Building lasting relationships with highly respected capital partners who understand and support the vision of Denholtz Associates has been vital to our continued growth of our investment portfolio.

These long-term relationships with leading banks and investment firms have provided Denholtz Associates the opportunity to develop and manage projects that become valuable community landmarks and deliver superior returns for our investors. The snapshot of our capital partners below, provides an idea of the successful, community oriented banks and investment firms that we have built lasting and strong relationships with and will continue to do so as we look to the real estate needs of the future.


Financing partners play an essential role in every commercial real estate deal. Possessing long-term relationships with banks is vital to success in this competitive marketplace. With a partnership spanning over 20 years, Denholtz Associates relationship with Provident Bank provides both entities with a mutually beneficial relationship to allow them to excel in their fields.

As a long-time capital partner, Provident understands the capital needs of Denholtz Associates and can provide sources of financing that allow deals to happen quickly and efficiently. Boasting 175 years of experience serving the financial needs of their customers, Provident is a valuable strategic partner for Denholtz Associates.


Denholtz Associates understands that active community engagement is the hallmark of a successful investment firm. Denholtz’s commitment to growing the towns which they chose to invest in has ensured that their projects become integral and valued parts of the surrounding communities. With this in mind, Denholtz has chosen long-term capital partners who also share the same commitment to community engagement.

Found in 1902, OceanFirst Bank has been constantly engaged in their local communities throughout central New Jersey through providing home mortgages and investments to fund capital projects. OceanFirst puts a human face on banking with friendly neighborhood branches offering a wide range of financial services. Through partnerships with local banks and financing partners, Denholtz has ensured that they have a positive impact on the communities they invest in long after their projects are completed.


Creativity is a sometimes-overlooked part of commercial real estate deals. To the untrained eye, an outdated industrial park might just appear as a collection of outdated and aging buildings. To Denholtz Associates, these properties look like endless potential. However, that potential cannot be realized without capital partners that also look at value-add properties as diamonds in the rough and can craft financing that will allow them to be redeveloped.

Based in Hamilton, NJ, First Bank’s partnership with Denholtz Associates on the redevelopment of the Bridgewater Business Park exemplifies this creative approach to investing in value-add projects. At the junction of several major highways, this industrial park offers limitless potential and flexibility. When Denholtz sought to refinance this project in 2016, First Bank could see Denholtz Associates’ strategic vision and offered a very attractive refinancing package that continues to allow Denholtz to operate and improve this valuable property.


Denholtz Associates’ long success with value-add projects can be attributed to finding and utilizing capital partners with vision and creativity. A valuable capital partner must be able to see an existing property as it will be in the future and provide forward-looking financing to make this an attractive long-term investment.

Denholtz Associates found that type of investment partner through Palatine Capital Partners, a US based real estate investment firm. Palatine looks at commercial real estate investments in much the same way as Denholtz Associates; viewing properties as they can be not as they are and creating strategic financing to allow Denholtz Associates to make that vision a reality.

When Denholtz was looking to renovate their Metropark South property at 100 Matawan Road in Matawan, NJ, they looked to Palatine to provide financing that allowed them to close the deal quickly and ensure a successful long-term, value-add investment. Partnerships like this allow Denholtz Associates to oversee a wide range of investments and constantly find creative, new projects.


Over their history, Denholtz Associates has prioritized partnerships with capital partners who are also familiar with their local markets. As Denholtz continues to establish a footprint in states outside of New Jersey, finding partners with local, proven success is critical for success.

The Tampa-St. Petersburg market has been positioned for massive growth in recent years and Denholtz Associates is proud to own multiple properties that are large contributors to this growth. Denholtz Associates’ acquisition and renovation of the Tampa Times building at 490 First Avenue in St. Petersburg is a large piece of Denholtz’ investment strategy in this market. Through partnering with Convergent Capital Partners, a Tampa-based privately owned, private equity firm, Denholtz could acquire this location and embarked on renovations to ensure that this would be an attractive leasing opportunity for new business entering the Tampa – St. Petersburg market. Convergent has worked in the local Tampa – St. Petersburg market for many years and offers Denholtz the strategic insight and experience to make this a successful investment.  As Denholtz Associates continues to work on projects in Florida and other states, they will continue to cultivate meaningful and strong relationships with local capital partners like Convergent Capital Partners.


Bergen County New Jersey is one of the densest office markets in an already hyper dense state and property owners must always look to keep their holdings up to modern standards to keep up with demand.  When looking to upgrade the 270 Sylvan Avenue property in Englewood Cliffs, Denholtz knew that they would need a capital partner that understood this competitive marketplace and could offer a strong financing package to allow them to make the improvements required for this location.

Based in New Jersey, Investors Bank boasts dozens of community branches and understands the needs of the local marketplace and recognizes the opportunity presented by Denholtz Associates’ property at 270 Sylvan. Denholtz has partnered with Investors Bank for over 30 years on projects across the state and knew that their expertise would be vital to completing this project. Through a strong financing package, Denholtz could complete renovations at this property and ensure it would meet Class-A office standards for years to come. Long-term partnerships like this one with Investors Bank has allowed Denholtz to constantly improve their holdings and create successful value-add investments across the state