The Return of the Suburban Office


How Millennials are Powering the Re-Emergence of the Suburban Office Market By: Kristine B. Hurlbut, Senior VP of Leasing Much has been written in the last few years about the demise of the suburban office. A significant source of the negative outlook surrounding the suburban office has been based on…

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3 Steps to a Successful Commercial Real Estate Developer/Municipality Partnership


By: Steven Denholtz, Chief Executive Officer Let me say at the outset – public/private partnerships are not easy!!  But local real estate initiatives are significantly strengthened by the synergy of municipal leaders and developers establishing effective mechanisms to work together.  A successful project will reap rewards for both the local…

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A look at why Orlando is attracting new businesses: Part 3- Infrastructure Improvements


By: JP Josephson, Director of Florida Acquisitions It is impossible for Orlando to fully realize the enormous benefits of its fast-growing population, its quickly expanding tourism sector, or the ever-growing tech industry, or the improvements being made to Downtown Orlando (which I discussed in my previous two posts), without taking a…

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Expanding Tenant Amenities Beyond Office Walls: Food Trucks Offer Creative, Convenient Culinary Options for Today’s Workforce


By: Kristine B. Hurlbut, Senior Vice President of Leasing Throughout the history of Denholtz Associates,  we have been committed to the ownership and management of modern, highly desirable office and industrial spaces in some of the hottest commercial real estate markets in the United States. Our team is always searching…

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Looking Ahead to 2017


By: Steven Denholtz, Chief Executive Officer At the beginning of 2016, I offered a vision for the future of Denholtz Associates focused on continuing the strategies that have contributed to our success and integrating new technologies to enable us to retain our standing as an industry leader. The Denholtz team…

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Investments of the Future, Today – A Look at How Crowdfunding is Attracting New Investors to the Commercial Real Estate Market


By: Stephen Cassidy, President Perhaps the largest challenge for any commercial real estate investment company is finding and accessing sources of capital. As we look forward to the future, we see trends where a large amount of wealth, thirty trillion dollars to be exact, is going to be shifting from…

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The Modernization of the Suburban Office Space


By: Kristine Hurlbut, Senior Vice President of Leasing  What do we do with the aging stock of suburban office space in New Jersey? It’s a question that keeps many owners and operators up at night. What can we do to attract companies to these antiquated office parks while so much…

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JP Josephson

A Look At Why Orlando is Attracting New Businesses: Part 2 – Focus on Technology


By: JP Josephson, Director of Florida Acquisitions In my previous entry looking at why Orlando is becoming a mecca for new businesses and real estate investments, I focused on downtown. I examined how the continued growth in the population of Florida, as well as the recent investments and expansions in…

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Opportunities in Industrial Real Estate—and the Impact of E-commerce


By Steven Denholtz, CEO Denholtz Associates Much has been said about the impact of e-commerce, specifically Internet retailing, on the bricks-and mortar retail. Indeed fully 10% of retail spending is now done outside of stores. Internet sales at the top companies has been growing by 25% year-over-year. The attraction: Click-to-ship…

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A look at why downtown Orlando is attracting new businesses: Part 1- Focus on Downtown


Florida has a diverse and complex real estate market.  The state has recently surpassed New York as the country’s third most populated state, and is forecasted to be the fastest growing state in populace between 2015 and 2025, adding an estimated additional 4.49 million people. That being said, this population…

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